New Orleans, November 15, 2005

Houses in the city have a waterline that shows the depth of the flooding. The pictures were taken along Broad street (left and middle) and near Mirabeau Avenue (right) near the London Avenue Canal.
Street near the London Avenue Canal (left) where the yellow house was moved by the water to the middle of the street. Mirabeau Avenue (right) still has cars that were underwater for weeks.
Levee breach near the Mirabeau Avenue bridge. Parts of the wall are missing and others have gaps between panels (left). Professor Steve Nelson (Tulane) explains the possible set of events (right).
Close up of the construction between wall panels (left) and the temporary wire baskets filled with dirt and rocks to fill the gaps left by the broken wall (middle). The water continues to flow from the canal through the temporary dirt and rubble barrier into the street (right).
London Avenue canal levee breach near Robert E. Lee Avenue and Pratt Drive. The extent of the gap (left) and the wall collapse (middle) are evident. The metal sheeting below the 8-foot concrete wall can be seen (right).
The normal water level at the London Avenue canal near Robert E. Lee Avenue and Pratt Drive can be seen to be close to the height of the roofs (left). Devastation behind the breached wall (right).
Lighthouse (left) and boats (right) at the Lakefront.
Devastation near the 17th street canal levee breach, near Fleur de Lis Drive. The car (top left) and the house (top right) were carried by the waters to new locations. Trees were uprooted (bottom left) and neighborhoods devastated (bottom right).
New temporary levees are being built in order to repair old ones. Metal sheeting is being pounded into the ground at the 17th street canal levee breach.
Entire neighborhoods were destroyed. Houses sit in the middle of the street (left), others were moved off their foundation (middle) and others destroyed by flowing debris (right).
Cars were relocated.
Piles of debris are found with household items such as an old 45 record (left) or a piano (right).